Jalema Products

Jalema Products

Extremely durable and multifunctional files in a wide range of formats and designs.

It is impossible to overestimate the value of a good and easy to use filing system for an organisation, which considers a reliable filing system to be of vital importance, even though it is not part of its core business activities.
A good system is well-organised, accessible, flexible and user-friendly and makes efficient use of available space.

The heart of the Jalema system consists of extremely durable and multifunctional files in a wide range of formats and designs. Because these files are filed laterally, that is diagonally, on a profile, they save up to 40% of the space taken up by traditional storage systems. Compared to flat file cabinets, you can store 3 to 4 times more files in the same amount of floor space.

jalema files

Job-files 230 gram Whitekraft cardboard WITH TWO POCKETS

Dust, creases, folds and scratches are disastrous to all types of image carriers. The Job-files all feature both a normal pocket and a second pocket with a dust flap. This allows you to keep lithographs etc. dust-free and separate from other work materials. The file sizes are tailored to the most common printing press formats. The Job-files are constructed of brown 230 gram Whitekraft cardboard while the insides are lined with a smooth, white layer. The largest file is constructed of 300 gram Whitekraft cardboard. All the files have a clear imprint.

jalema files

Code No.For Size (mm)Size File (mm)Max Evenly Dist. Load (kg)Stand. Pkg.
5255200550×650 Reinforced570×695450
5262200620×750 Reinforced640×795450

Uni-files 230 gram Whitekraft cardboard WITH ONE POCKET

Unlike Job-files, Jalema Uni-files only have one pocket, which naturally has a special flap for safe and dust-free filing. Uni-files are thinner and less expensive than Job- and Repro-files, but are just as strong and functional. The two largest formats and the 5228100 are constructed of heavier 300 gram Whitekraft cardboard. Ideal to file flexographic clichés.

jalema file clips

Code No.For Size (mm)Size File (mm)Max Evenly Dist. Load (kg)Stand. Pkg.
5255100550×650 Reinforced570×695450
5262100620×750 Reinforced640×795450
5280000800×1030 Reinforced840×1100625